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Building Urban Lighting with Wisdom and Quality

Click: 1670  Update: 2019-05-20

     With 2019 China (Ningbo) International LED Lighting Exhibition held  at the International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 9-11, our company's HP Lighting Series Wisdom Street Lights will be launched in the domestic market in response to the National Wisdom City Plan. At the end of 2017, the intelligent street lamp management platform developed by our company has been put into use. It has served a large number of customer groups including public security departments, school departments, government agencies, and social groups. The market feedback is very good.
     In conventional LED street lighting, HP Lighting has been providing road lighting to the city with the most stable product quality and the most efficient light distribution, making lighting a pleasure, reducing energy consumption, reducing costs and simplifying maintenance. The light is not needed to replace for 8 years.