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Yueqing Huipu Lighting Co., Ltd. is located in China's electrical capital, founded in 2004, with a construction area of 8,500 square meters, specializing in the production of efficient and intelligent environmentally friendly LED lighting products, covering solar series lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting, Industrial lighting, commercial lighting, home lighting, LED explosion-proof lighting, light source appliances and other fields.
The company has become a lighting enterprise with clear industrial characteristics, absolute market competitiveness and innovative consciousness. It has rich production experience and strong technical force. It has a group of technical talents and technical facilities with independent research and development of advanced lighting products. Products through CB, CE, ROHS, IRAM, TUV, ATEX explosion-proof and other authoritative certification, own the brand "HPZM" .
Yueqing Huipu Lighting Co., Ltd. LED lighting products with excellent quality, excellent service and good reputation, sell well in Europe, South/North America, Oceania, South Africa and West Asia and other countries and regions, by every customer and industry The praise has established a benchmark for industry quality. The company's products have always pursued taste and connotation, advocating classic and innovative spirit, grasping the details of light aesthetics, adhering to the corporate tenet of “intentionally illuminating the world”, providing the widest range of high-quality lighting products and most customers to all industries with high enthusiasm. Comprehensive professional lighting service.